DRILLSTAR Industries is specialized in the machining of metal materials, for the manufacture of large and medium size parts and complete products, per unit, or in small or medium series.
Machined materials : aluminium, light alloys, titanium, steel, high resistance steel, stainless steel, and more.
Operations performed : turning, milling, fitting, grinding, welding, tool repair, hardfacing, and assembly.
Proposed services : design, engineering, value analysis, purchasing, handling, machining, surface and thermal treatment, quality control, assembly, packaging, shipping.

Parts sizes :

Milling and turning section : multi axis turning center with 3,000 mm maximum turning length  
Turning section : CNC and conventional lathes, up to 800mm O.D. and 4m long between spindles. Hollow spindle up to 300mm O.D.  
Milling section : CNC and conventional milling machines, up to 3m x 1m x 1m.  
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