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ROLLER REAMER   Download PDF Information sheet

The DRILLSTAR 3-point or 6-point roller reamers (also know as rotary reamers) are designed for reaming and stabilization in any type of formation. All parts of the tools are made of special alloy steel and heat treated for hardness.
Drilling crews can easily replace any part in the field without the use of special tools.
Reamers are available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes, up to hole size 26". (see product sheet for details)

Main Parts

Central Pin : The alloy steel used is carburized and hardened to ensure good bearing wear characteristics. A slot at the end of the pin will prevent it from rotating.

Cross Pin : This pin is driven into the top bearing block as an additional safety to retain the main pin and cutter.

Blocks : These blocks have very little wear and only need to be changed after several cutter changes. They also allow to resize the reamer to a different hole size using the same body and pins.

roller reamer

Cutters :

Type S
Sharp teeth, machined and hardened for maximum reaming in soft formations.

Type M
Teeth machined and hardfaced. Ideal for medium to medium-hard formations
Type H
Fitted with tungsten carbide inserts for hard formations.
Type VH
High density of special tungsten carbide inserts for very hard formations and tough drilling conditions

rotary reamer
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