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Higher drilling rates in hard rock drilling

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The MUDHammer is a high power drilling mud-driven downhole hammer for geothermal and mining hard rock applications.

A high-power, drilling mud-driven downhole hammer, delivering high-energy impacts 20-30 times per second.

The Drillstar MUDHammer is designed to be used with a proprietary PDC hammer bit, delivering greater efficiency to the bit cutting action in hard brittle rocks.

This higher drilling power translates directly into increased ROP, especially in hard or very hard formations. ROP gains of 200% and more over conventional rotary or PDM drilling have been observed in hard brittle lithologies.

Designed for deep drilling, the MUDHammer solution has been developed from the start with deep geothermal drilling in mind.

It can be run on most drilling rigs and mud systems, and offers improved safety over existing technologies:

Standard dimensions

TypeBit OD
Body OD
Overall length*
Flow Rate
MUDHammer 6”6 - 6½4.9561,450370
MUDHammer 8½”8⅜ - 8⅝ 7.1811,450750

 * including top sub and bit

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