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Drillstar Washover Shoe, also known as rotary shoes or mill shoes, are available in a wide range of dimensions and threads.

They come in 12 types, each designed for a specific application. The design chosen will depend on the material to mill, and on whether the shoe should cut on the bottom, on the OD, on the ID or on any combination of these. These tools have an extended lifespan due to the special treatment applied before hardfacing. They can be stabilized upon request. Shoes can be dressed with your choice of TOPLOY or custom hardfacing (tungsten carbide cutting plates, etc.).


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Serrated shoes (types S, SE, SI, SEI) are ideal for cutting and cleaning equipment from the outside when there is little or no metal to mill. They are made of high-quality steel, and the tungsten carbide grains used for hardfacing are hand-picked to provide maximum abrasion and durability. These shoes are also available with hardened steel teeth instead of tungsten carbide hardfacing, for fast cutting in soft formation. The number and design of the teeth can be customized to suit your needs.

Wavy bottom shoes (type W, WE, WI, WEI) are used mainly for removing pieces of metal stuck on the outside of the fish. They are particularly suited for difficult washovers involving milling metal debris, cutting stabilizer blades, etc. The tool bottom is specially designed to allow maximum mud flow.

Flat bottom shoes (type F, FE, FI, FEI) are used to mill pieces of metal stuck on the outside of the fish. They are able to withstand much more weight than other types of shoes, and can cut through stabilizer blades, hole opener arms and other hardened metal parts.

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