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Drillstar’s engineering department is in charge of designing and updating our range of products, but provides also its expertise for individual customer projects.

Drillstar has over 40 years of experience in designing drilling equipment and is equipped with powerful simulation solutions : CAD, FEA and CFD. This enables us to simulate in detail, including complex solid/fluid interactions with moving parts, how products will behave downhole before the prototype is built.

Drillstar Industries project support
Drillstar Industries

We have also access to several test benches, from lab scale (ARMINES drilling lab in Pau, France) to full-scale drilling rigs (XRig in Algard, Norway).

Our engineers work daily with API and other applicable norms (DS-1 and NS-2 standards, VAM certificates, operator-specific norms…) which are at the core of our products. These are followed throughout the design and manufacturing processes. Our organization is ISO-9001 certified.

Our R&D team works with partners worldwide, to imagine and develop the downhole solutions of the future. We are used to working in collaborative projects involving both industrial and academic partners. Through the years we’ve helped partners such as operators, manufacturers and service companies develop tailor-made solutions to their downhole challenges.

Drillstar’s unique combination of a small independent team with a full vertical integration means we are capable of delivering a full project in-house from the idea to its implementation on your wells. Design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and field service can be included in a single package. In order to solve very specific challenges, we are also capable of bringing in experts through our network of partners, both in the academic and industrial world.

Do you have a unique challenge on your wells ? Are you in need of a fast, custom solution but not sure what to start with ? Feel free to contact us to discuss your problems and ideas.

Drillstar Industries project support

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