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DRILLSTAR is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute and VAM Services for the manufacture of API 5CT + 7-1 and VAM premium (VAM TOP including HC + HT, VAM 21 including HT, VAM ACE, VAM FJL, MINI VAM and VAM & derivative) threads. A wide range of casing and tubing accessories (cross-overs, pup joints, flanges, plugs, nipples, locators…) can be manufactured and delivered worldwide at short notice.

We cut box and pin threads on free issued products such as float shoes, float collars and machine complete parts from customer drawings of tubing/casing hangers.

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We also offer other manufacturing capabilities including turning, milling, hardfacing, grinding, pressure testing and torquing.

Please get in touch with us to explore our full manufacturing capabilities. We have a wide network for sourcing raw materials and subcontractors for surface treatment, Drillstar can be your one-stop shop.

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