Drillstar is developing solutions for renewable energy projects around the world

Climate change is a global phenomenon pushing all countries towards net zero carbon emissions and renewable energy sources. Many governments have identified that more energy independence is also a top priority. All the major oil and gas companies have climate change policies to reduce carbon emissions written into their company objectives. Renewable energies, locally generated, that are sustainable and will minimize environmental impact are now a high priority in all countries. 

DRILLSTAR drilling MUDHammer

Drillstar is developing tools and techniques in line with the development of renewable energies.

Our current areas of focus are:

  • Geothermal drilling : Drillstar is developing a down hole MUDHammer to dramatically increase the ROP drilling in hard brittle rocks, such as Granite and Gneiss and allowing the use of drilling muds.
  • Lithium mining : Drillstar’s Z-reamer, a PDC underreamer, is being used to increase mineralized water flow from wells drilled into subsurface Lithium deposits.
  • Hydrogen production : Drillstar is developing Darco industrial valves to allow hydrogen gas control.

Drillstar’s unique combination of a small independent team with a full vertical integration means we are capable of delivering a full project in-house from the idea to its implementation on your project. Design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and field service can be included in a single package. In order to solve very specific challenges, we are also capable of bringing in experts through our network of partners, both in the academic and industrial world.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your plans and projects.

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