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Oil & Gas Drilling is where it all began for Drillstar

In 1982: Drillstar began as a supplier of drilling tools to the Pau based directional drilling company, Top Services.

Our Oil & Gas history spans 40 years of experience in designing drilling equipment and tubing & casing accessories. As Renewable Energy sources gain importance, our drilling experience is progressively more orientated to Geothermal Drilling.

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Drillstar’s core business is design and manufacturing of Drilling tools. We have legacy tools such as the X-Reamer underreamer and the roller cone Hole Opener, but in recent years we have also commercialised the Z-Reamer, a compact block-type high ratio PDC underreamer. We have also brought to the market a PDC Hole Opener, with a range of fixed diameter and replaceable PDC blades.

Drillstar has sought new applications for its milling tools combined with PDC underreamers to offer tailored Plug & Abandonment solutions.

Our R&D team has worked with academic and industry partners worldwide, so please contact us if you are looking for a customized downhole solution for your project.

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