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Fast and efficient casing milling

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Drillstar Section Mill is designed for cutting and milling a complete section of casing to install cement plugs for plug and abandonment or replace poorly cemented (risk of channeling) or corroded casings.

This downhole tool can be equipped with Flo-Tel, which produces a sudden drop in mud pressure when the pipe is cut out, indicating the right time to start applying milling weight.

Knives can be hardfaced with your choice of TOPLOY carbide grains or TOPMILL (square) / SWORDFISH (shaped) tungsten carbide inserts. For most jobs, TOPMILL inserts are strongly recommended to improve milling performance.

All mills can be hardfaced using TOPLOY S : excellent behaviour thanks to its matrix specially designed to release worn grains. Inserts enable better ROP and tool life, while TOPLOY backing significantly improves the hardfacing resistance to downhole shocks. Two standard types of inserts are available : TOPMILL square inserts, or SWORDFISH® shaped inserts. Custom inserts are available on request.

Drillstar cutting inserts are made of premium cutting grade tungsten carbide, and can replace TOPLOY on most milling tools. They enable you to mill faster and longer, while reducing the necessary weight on bit.

These large, square-shaped tungsten carbide inserts are widely used today for all milling applications.

These innovative inserts combine the advantages of both square and round-shaped models (exclusivity from Cutting & Wear).

Standard dimensions

Body ODCasing
OD to mill
3⅝"4½"2⅜" REG
4½"5½"2⅞" REG
5½"6⅝" - 7"3½" REG
8¼"9⅝"4½" REG
11¾"13⅜" – 16"6⅝" REG

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