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February 6, 2023

Drillstar Hole Opener bearing maintenance

Drillstar Hole Openers are widely used around West Africa as they are reliable and can last for years if the bearings are properly maintained.


Do you know that it is mandatory to redress the roller cones on Drillstar tools after each run?


It is also important to maintain and store the roller cone open bearings correctly. This will prevent any seizing and guarantee you a fully functional tool for years. As part of the tool redress, after each run,  we recommend changing the bearings which are inexpensive.

Recently, François Damian-Picollet ran a training course on roller cones assembly for an operator and a major service company working in Congo.

Drillstar 42” Hole Openers being disassembled

One of the trainees installing the bearings on the roller cone bearing pin.

All the trainees demonstrated that they are competent to redress the roller cone bearings and were grateful for the opportunity to be trained in Pointe-Noire, Congo.

Drillstar staff is available to support you to redress your Drillstar Hole Openers and specify the spare parts needed!


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