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Jacketed Valves

Your multi-application DARCO Jacketed ball valves

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DARCO Jacketed floating or trunnion ball valves are manually operated or actuated, from 2” to 6” for 150 to 300 pressure class.

Technical requirements

Designed as per API 6D / B16.34, to cover a wide range of fluids, temperature, pressure and environments, our DARCO ball valves are fire-safe qualified (according to API 607/ISO 10497), manual or actuated, and maintainable.


Ball valve TypeFlow rateNPS full boreNPS reduced bore
D4up to Class 3002″ to 4″3″ to 6″
D5up to Class 3002″ to 4″3″ to 6″


Primary jacket to contain the main fluid, and a second jacket to keep warm the main fluid with steam flow.

Designed with a full or reduced bore, bolted connections.

DARCO ball valves can be manufactured with a large panel of materials (Carbon or stainless steel, Duplex, super Duplex…).

  • The option of overlay on sealing pockets can also be proposed.
  • The ball-seats contact could either be with polymers or with metal-metal. Our trunnion valves used both with Single Piston Effect (SPE) or Double Piston effect (DPE) design.
  • Stem extension can be proposed
  • Vent and drain plugs can be added
  • Operated by lever, wheel, gearbox, actuator or dead man.

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A question? A quote?

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Tel : +33 (0) 559 130 100