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Simple Block & Bleed Valves

Your multi-application DARCO Simple Block and Bleed ball valves

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DARCO Simple Block & Bleed floating ball valves are manually operated or actuated, from 1/8” to 4” for 150 to 1500 pressure class.

Technical requirements

Designed as per API 6D / B16.34, to cover a wide range of fluids, temperature, pressure and environments, our DARCO ball valves are fire-safe designed (according to API 607/ISO 10497), manual or actuated, and maintainable.


Ball valve TypeFlow rateNPS full boreNPS reduced bore
D1class 150 to 800 Lbs1/8” to 1”1/21/2” to 2”
D2class 900 to 15001/8” to 1”1/21/2” to 2”
D4up to Class 3002″ to 4″3″ to 6″


Designed with a full or reduced bore, and screwed or bolted connections, DARCO ball valves can be manufactured with a large panel of materials (Carbon or stainless steel, Duplex, super Duplex…).

  • The option of overlay on sealing pockets can also be proposed.
  • ¼’’ or ½” bleed connection can be manufacture
  • Stem extension can be proposed
  • Operated by lever, wheel, gearbox, actuator or dead man

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Tel : +33 (0) 559 130 100

A question? A quote?

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Tel : +33 (0) 559 130 100